Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Dessert!!

I asked around the boards and got a lot of great feedback before trying this recipe! Parents and Carlos all loved it, in fact my mother (my toughest food critic) called it "Heavenly". Whew! I can't say its particularly Point+ friendly, but yum!

 First I took Dove Caramel filled chocolates and spread them across the bottom of the pan.

Second I Mixed a batch of No Pudge Brownie Mix(with NF Greek honey yogurt), and poured it over the chocolates.
 Last, I baked it (per box directions), and served with low fat, slow churned butter pecan ice cream.
MMMMMM :)  (Oh and with some wine too)
I highly recommend adding the caramels, perhaps when you are less concerned about P+! 


  1. Hi, thanks so much for having the awesome distinction of being the first person to take the time to comment on my newbie post on the 20's message board on WW (I am ClairC83) I saw your link here and thought I would check it out. Where are you about in Cali? I am in the Bay area, moved to CA from TN in 2007. I am really thinking about starting a blog myself so I can get out anything I am thinking regarding the weight loss I am trying to achieve!

  2. Of course! I actually only started my blog a couple weeks ago! I think it will help me stay accountable if I know there are people following and looking out for my successes! Let me know if you start one and Ill check it out!