Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, if you had noticed by the lack of posts lately, I have been pretty stalled in my workouts recently. Since my races, I have liteally stopped running. It is excuse after excuse. Maybe my body is tired, but mostly it is a mindset for me. I was determined, I had a team training with me, depending on me.

I go through days, sometimes moments where I feel so determined, so ready to get back on track. This is true for my diet as well. Two or three days of great workouts, tracking and eating. Then totally off track again.
Today I had an interesting new experience. I tried Bikram Yoga(aka hot yoga, a heated room) for the first time. I had heard great reviews from some boardies about it, but I had also heard that it isn't for everyone. I went with Shannon and she did GREAT. I struggled, big time. Not so much with the yoga moves (not that they were easy), but the heat really got me. I felt dizzy, nauseous, and at some points blacked out momentarily. Obviously not the most pleasant experience. I sat down outside for a bit to gather myself and rejoined for the last 30 minutes of mat work. This got a little better for me.

Overall I am really glad I tried this. I do plan to give it another couple of tries, as I have heard that your body gets used to the heat. I will update you as to how it goes for me.
As for being off track, I need to make my readers (and myself especially) some promises. I am starting the book Women. Food and God. I will also be starting Run Less, Run Faster. I am going to let these books help guide me to start making some better choices with food, workouts, and probably even my mental state.

My goals this week are:
-Run at least 2 times
-Workout at least 4 times total
-Find time each day to read, for ME

Thanks for reading, and please help to keep me accountable for my goals!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Warrior Dash!

I haven't posted since my race last weekend! I also pretty much took the week off from running ;) I plan to get together a training schedule to I get back on track, but whats one week!

In other news, this Saturday a big group of us drove down to the So Cal Warrior Dash! Reena(REENA711),   Kelly(SILYSTARRFISH), and Melissa(M525964703) from the boards all met there for the run (along with many of my friends)! It was an absolutely amazing event!

Let me step you through it step by step!

We showed up in our costumes, ready to race!
Starting Line!
Obstacle Number 1: Hay Fever !
 Obstacle Number 2: Junkyard Jam
 Obstacle Number 3: Muddy Muck
Obstacle Number  4: Over and Under (Over walls and under barbed wire)
Obstacle Number  5: Swamp Sludge
Obstacle Number 6: Warrior Wall
Visiting with a fellow turtle along the course!
Obstacle Number  7: Warrior Web!
Obstacle Number  8: Walk the Plank
Obstacle Number  9: Deadweight Drifter

Obstacle Number 10: Chaotic Crossover
Obstacle Number  11: Cargo Climb
Obstacle Number  12:Warrior Roast
 Pic to come

Obstacle Number  13: Muddy Mayhem!
Finish Line!!
Warrior Wash!

Shoes people are donating (pile kept getting bigger)

Some pictures will be added later (Finish line and Warrior Roast)... But you can see what a blast it was! It was more challenging than Nor Cal Dash in October, more obstacles and more challenging obstacles. It was also nice to have the lake for washing, we got MUCH cleaner (other than the bacteria in the lake we had to sign a waiver about). The whole weekend was a blast, and I declare a success! 

**Suggestion to future Dashkateers, pack sunscreen and USE it, OUCH!**