Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Time No Post! Finding motivation!

Okay ladies and gents (well, mostly ladies), it's been a while and I apologize. As you can guess, not posting is related pretty directly related to being off my game in general. My work schedule is all over the place, and I have been struggling to keep a workout/running/planning schedule with my work schedule is inconsistent.

I spent a little time updating my site today, finally adding to the recipe section, as well as updating my race section!! Hopefully having these races to keep me on track will help with motivation!

In the meantime, I also create a new device to help with motivation, planning and staying on track. This new thing is my inspiration binder :) I spent some time looking through all of my health/fitness magazines and cut out any recipes that looked good, success stories, and any useful facts or quotes!

The idea is that I can grab the binder if I need motivation, or a new recipe for my weekly menu. So far it has been fun, and helpful!

Here is the binder:

Expect more posts from me soon! Including a Race Recap from last weeks 10k! As well as more recipes/food highlights and hopefully some scale victories!