Monday, April 16, 2012

Food and Activity Planning Template!

I wanted to share an update from my post on Friday! I am happy to say that over the weekend I DID stick to my plans. I made it out of this week with a 5.2 lb. loss! 

I wanted to post a link to my menu template. I have been really happy and comfortable using it! I fill it out on Sunday, for the entire upcoming week. I use the multivitamin row as a check box for each day, to help me remember!

Personally, I actually deleted the first morning snack, because I eat a very early lunch with my current schedule, though this is how I would normally eat. Feel free to use the chart, and edit it to fit your needs!


I also started a new workout video this week, so be prepared for the first workout review to be posted in a couple of days for Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30, and the first recipe review will be coming out this week as well, with Lightened up ham and spinach quiche!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A look in the right direction

After my last post, in February, I was feeling quite hopeful. I have gotten in a few runs here and there, but my commitment in general has been wavering.

This week, something clicked. I hate to jinx myself, but I am finally feeling in control. It's a very different feelings after, literally MONTHS, of being off track. This week I hit a wall, really crashed hard into the wall.

Monday morning, after Easter, I stepped on the scale and I hit THAT number. You probably know what I am talking about. THAT number is different for all of us. The number we have in mind that WE will never hit. THAT number that is just unacceptable. The number we never plan to see.

Well folks, I saw it, and it wasn't pretty. The good news is, it was the wake up call I have been waiting for. This being combined with a recent realization of all the big things coming up in my life that I want to be my best self for. In 4 weeks I will graduate with my Master's in Education. In 10 weeks I will join my friends for a big coed group bachelor/bachelorette trip to Vegas. And in 12 short weeks, I will stand next to my best friend on her Wedding Day.

For me is isn't, nor ever has been, about being skinny. But on top of my motivation to be healthy, active and fit, I of course have a desire to look and FEEL my best. I know my confidence will be much higher, and I wanna rock that dress!

Snack Box (lookin a little empty by today)! 
Lots of fresh fruit!
As I mentioned earlier in the post, this week it finally clicked. Scared by THAT number, or motivated by all the good things coming up, who knows. But I put together the kick-ass-ist menu for the week, writing every meal down ahead, and prepping a snack box in the fridge. I also did something I never have before. I created recipes for the dinners on the WW recipe builder, and pre-tracked my dinners. This ended up being the best idea ever, because afternoon snacking become much easier when I saw how many snacking points I had left for the day, and debated how many to use before dinner, and how many to save for after.
Kick-ass-ist Menu Ever

I also did something rather drastic. I completely cleared my WW history, took my measurements, and changed my WI day to Monday. This is a huge first for me. I have always been a Friday weigher. I like the buffer I have to work off the weekend splurges. Not No More. Now I have to own them. I also get to start fresh Monday morning, with a clean slate.
Today, I am feeling in control. Today I have 5 days of honest tracking under my belt as I head into the weekend, my worst enemy.

Please be prepared for blogs to come. Help me to stay accountable. I have some ideas for future posts including some new recipes (think ham and spinach quiche with potato crust)  workout video reviews, and a major facelift to my races page! I am also planning for a workout challenge, including prizes, so stay tuned!!