Saturday, July 2, 2011

In the heat of the night... or morning

After a couple of weeks out of town, chaperoning a high school church trip, I jumped back into routine this morning and went to running club at 7am. Today was an easy reminder of why we start so early. By 7:15 it was already inching toward 80 degrees.

Not one of my fastest runs, that to be expected due to heat, and two weeks of lax workouts (or none really). But someone at the end of the run made a great comment. It doesn't matter how far or fast I ran today, I ran farther than most people. This is true.

Sometimes I think we get down on ourselves for not running our BEST every time, but honestly, that expectation isn't realistic. Everyone has hard days. Weather stinks sometimes, travels and life get in the way of training. All that matters is that we do the best we can at the time.

Today I am posting so you know that I AM still running. Even in the heat. And you can too!

Hydrate properly, as you lose a lot of water in the heat. Aim to run in the early morning or later evening to keep cooler. Wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself better. Keep runnin :)