Saturday, February 11, 2012

Resurrecting What Was

Hello out there to anyone who stuck around during my much too long, completely unnecessary hiatus.

Here I am 25 lbs. heavier, and back square 1 with my running. It's a bummer to be back here, but the good news it, it can only get better. And apparently, square 1 isn't really a concept for a runner. Since I have learned about running, there is no going back to square 1.

A few weeks ago I opted to get back into the game and headed back to running club with some girlfriends. They wanted to aim for 4 miles, and I thought that was impossible. I hoped I could make it 2 without dying. I am happy to say we pulled out that 4 mile run, slow and steady.

There will never again be a square 1 because I know all too well what my body is capable of now. I KNOW I can complete 4 miles, even if I walk some, or jog slow. I know that I am capable of finishing. I learned this the first time around and will not soon forget.

It was nice to see some familiar faces when I went back out and completed 5 miles this morning. Those people who inspired me to push on week after week. Those that taught me techniques, strategies, nutrition, and brought with them motivation. I felt comfortable back at club, and truly ready to be there again.

You WILL be seeing posts from me more regularly again. I WILL be posting a race schedule soon, with focus on building my running back up. I am not jumping back into a half training right away, but do have goals of running some 5ks and 10ks and improving my speed.

Let me know if you are still out there, and if you are still running!!