Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anniversary Date :)

Thursday was me and Carlos' happy 4th anniversary! Friday night we got to celebrate with dinner and a movie! It was both of our first experience with South American food, so I though I would share some pictures!

First, Carlos showed up lookin all cute-like ;)

They sat us at a nice candlelit table with a glass of red wine! They brought bread with two dipping sauces (both full of delicious spices)! This was followed by a potato and cheese empanada! MMM..

 Then we moved along to our fabulous entrees! This is Pebellon Criollo, a Venezuelan Dish. Black beans, rice, fried plantains, and a shredded beef/veggies roast. Let me just say YUM! Everything on this plate was delicious!

Carlos' meal: Caribe Chicken! Veggies, rice, and chicken cooked in oil and Caribbean spices, again, yum! 
Sadly, no picture of our delicious creme brulee, but you can just imagine!

We will surely be returning to this place! There are many things left on the menu for us to try out!

It was also just really nice to have a nice night out with the boy! We are both so busy that after 4 years, date nights tend to be a last priority. I am glad we made each other a priority for our lovely night!

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  1. nice!!! i love food from south america..specifically el salvador :) yum yum