Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breaking Down the Wall

Last week, sadly, I had a pretty negative experience with my first 10 mile run. I posted about hitting a wall around mile 8, and losing all my energy. BUT I also mentioned that the circumstances and preparation leading up to the run weren't ideal.

Join me on this weeks 12 mile run! I was SO anxious about jumping up 2 more miles, especially after a bad experience last week. I was determined to prepare properly this week. I got in a couple good, solid runs and a cross training day during the week. I tested out my new Nathan running pouch, and it works great (minimal bounce)! I drank tons of water Friday and a little Saturday morning. I had a nice, quality breakfast around 6 this morning. Great way to start the day!

This run was SOOOO much better than last week. Mile 6 was the same location as last week, and I could FEEL the energy difference. My attitude was in the right place. My legs were on my side (except for my right arch). My heart rate was lower than normal, and my breathing was in check! The weather was gorgeous, contrary to's predictions!

These treats helped me power along! I love my energy jelly beans, yum! Today's flavor was Fruit Punch! The Electorolyte mix in isn't bad either! Definitely helped with my energy level!

 This is also one of my favorite tools! My Polar Heart Rate Monitor helps me keep track of my time, my heart rate, and my calories burned! Fortunately, it's also pink :)

I am HAPPY to say that I had a GREAT 12 mile run today! I feel amazing! I feel so much closer to being ready for my race! I am beginning to learn the value of properly preparing!

I also got fitted for custom insoles for my running shoes to help with my arch pain. If you see my limping the next couple days, you will understand why (but hopefully not for long)! AND I enjoyed a well deserved deluxe pedicure to celebrate this afternoon. Now my lovely, sore, swollen toes are going to kick it up for the night!

Back down to 10 miles next week!


  1. where do you get those sport jelly beans? nice job emily....thinking about running all those miles makes me sore!! haha you are awesome

  2. Thanks Reena! I got mine at Roadrunner Sports in Newbury Park, but I think you can probably get them at most sporting goods stores! Sports Chalet and Sports Authority might carry them, or any running store!

  3. I would run for candy (sport beans)

    Sounds like you are doing amazing! Great job! You're inspiring me to keep up with my WLJ so I can eventually be a runner again one day.

    Hope your foot starts feeling better.