Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pushing Through

Yesterday was my second time doing a 12 mile run. The first time went pretty well, I walked minimally, hydrated well, etc. However, I was still very nervous going into this. The idea of running for 3 hours straight still gets me.

This week my regular running buddy was out of town, so I ran with some different friends. We walked a little more than I usually do, but kept up a similar pace. Man was this course TOUGH. All sorts of hills, curved roads with no shoulder for running, loose gravel, sharing minimal lane space with bikes. But this course was GOOD practice. It pushed me harder than normal, took me out of my comfort zone. The best part about this weeks run was that the views were GORGEOUS! This is an area of rolling hills, ranches with horses, a beautiful lake, they also film many movies and TV shows out here (including my most addictive Bones)!

I wished I had my camera with me, but this photo gives a pretty good description of the area!

The other great thing about this week's run was the comradery that comes with running/biking in a place like this. Every runner or biker who goes by smiles, waves, and many say "Good Morning"! Runners who pass, and even cars driving by honk and cheer you on. This isn't a place where one goes to jog 3 miles, everyone out here is working on some mad mileage, and it is nice to be a part of it. My running buddies were great too! We mostly ran in a line, talking, supporting each other! So much better than running alone!

My new recommended product for running= salt tablets.
After 1 1/2 hours + of running, I tend to lose quite a bit of salt. You can tell if you lose too much salt if you can scrape white off your face after your run ;) I find myself feeling EXHAUSTED after a run without one or two salt tablets! I wouldn't necessarily say they give me energy, but they make me feel less blah. 

I am excited to begin tappering, this was our last 12 miler before race day. Next week is 10! 

Off to watch some movies from my list and rest my legs!

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