Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Movie Challenge

As though my bum doesn't already spend enough time in front of the TV, I have taken a challenge to see 26 movies I have never seen, beginning with every letter of the alphabet. After recommendations from lots of friends and boardies,  I have put together a list of about 38 movies (Oops, couldn't decide between some!) that I intend to watch in the next couple of months. You will notice that I also skipped Q, but figured I made up for it with the others!

I will update this post as I go to check off the movies once I have watched them, and hopefully post a quick review! Feel free to post comments with more suggestions, etc!

A- Amelie, An Affair to Remember
B- Breakfast at Tiffany’s
C- Casablanca, Can't Hardly Wait, Cool Hand Luke
D- Dear Frankie, Dr Zhivago
E- Elephant man
F- Food Inc, Footloose, Fish called Wanda
G- Gone with the Wind, Godfather, The Graduate
H- The Heiress
I- In the heat of the night, It happened one night
J- The Jerk
K- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
L- Lucky Number Sleven
M- Mad Hot Ballroom
N- North By Northwest
O- O Brother Where Art Thou?, One flew over the coo coo’s nest
P- Philadelphia, Pretty In Pink
Q- The Queen
R- Rear Window
S- Streetcar named Desire, Sixteen Candles
T-  True Grit
U- Unusual Suspects
V- Virgin Suicides
W- Where the Red Fern Grows
Y- Young Frankenstein
Z- Zombieland

Let the challenge commence!

*Once a movie has been viewed, it will be in italics


  1. Zombieland and breakfast at tiffanys are the only ones I've seen off your list. Wow I need to see more movies lol.

  2. I am so excited over your list!! Being a true movie lover, I am just thrilled for you!!! I have some of them if you'd care to come to movie night!! :0)