Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fitness Goals

I was thinking about this a lot today and it felt bloggy to me, so here it goes.

I feel like a LOT of my weight loss goals are based less on an actual weight number, but rather my ability to do things physically. Knowing how much easier/harder it is to run after a 25 lb. gain makes the point quite clear. I want to lose weight because I want to be active, and I don't want it to be SO HARD for me. I want fitness to be second nature. I don't want to be the fat girl in the workout class, I just want to be the girl, or the FIT girl.

I am posting here some of the physical goals I have in my future, that help motivate me to get the weight off. Please please please leave a comment and share yours! I would love to add to my list. I can use all the motivation I can get about now!

-Run a 10 minute mile (sounds easy to most people, but I have pretty much never done this in my life)
-Try crossfit
  -Participate in roller derby

-Join a Ragnar Relay team

-Run a Disney Princess half marathon
-RUN an entire 5k, without walking (strangely enough I have yet to do this)

-Not suck entirely at yoga, it's okay if I suck a little bit
-Actually start surfing ( I own a surf board and never use it)

-Go zip lining (this is also a heights fear, but I know being more fit will make the experience better overall)

I think these are the main ones. I may add on in the future. I am not saying I refuse to do any of these things until the weight is off, but man does the weight make it harder! These are posted as motivation.

Please share your fitness goals with me! 

*FYI- Photos found with google images, I did not take these photos and they are not of me.


  1. Awesome goals Emily! What a great idea to post them.

  2. Thanks Anna!! Do you have any you would like to share?

  3. Saw that you want to join a Ragnar team! I had never heard of Ragnar until this year, but one of my friends asked me to join his team. I just started running last summer, and have grown to love it, but I am scared to death! The race is coming up in 2 weeks! I just did my very first 5k ever a few weeks ago, and the Ragnar seems like a big step up from that. If I can run all 3 of my legs without walking, I will be a very happy camper! :)

  4. Good luck on the race!! I would love to hear how it goes!!

  5. Hey Em!
    I want to try Crossfit so badly too! I just crossed hot yoga off my list and I loved it! Unfortunately I got a little bit of a sunburn over the weekend and don't think hot yoga is the best thing to do until the burn calms down a little!